International Communication and Translations

Our Team  

- helps you find the right words.


Heike Nadja Netzer, Language Service Provider with SDL Post-Editing Certificationand Adult Education Trainer, gained 30 years’ experience in international companies and worked more than 12 years in American law firms. This is the foundation on which she set up a network of competent and qualified translators, interpreters, and linguists. We know how the role of culture and language has become increasingly important when communicating with people around the world. 

Whether you want your Blog or Website to be translated, a brochure editedor whether you want to hold the perfect presentation, we will find the right way to express yourself.

Legal translations - We translate and edit contracts, legal notices, terms and conditions, cookie policies, and other legal texts with a keen eye for detail. We commit ourselves to confidentiality and data privacy.

Transcreation - It is not only about translating, we can also write or rewrite. Our press releases, advertising copies, and product descriptions reach your target group.


Learn a language – improve your knowledge of foreign languages and take a language course in German or English - of course also online. 




 It is not only about translations - but also about transcreations.