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Translation Services



  • Architecture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurances
  • Law: Corporate, Competition, and Employment
  • Risk Management 
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  • Psychology  and Education
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is a Translation Service Provider fulfilling the requirements of ISO 17100, the international standard for the core processes and resources for the delivery of a quality translation: A competent translator will translate the text, which is, by default, revised by a human resource – in contrast to a machine translation that is post-edited. This 4-eye principle guarantees accuracy and consistency, which is often lost in large translation agencies, where one text is provided by several translators and/or machines. In addition, the customer is involved to guarantee the correct terminology.


specializes in legal documents, insurance and risk management as well as marketing and content writing. In the case of legal texts, we are sticklers for detail and clarify contract definitions, legal provisions and jurisdiction.


In the case of advertising texts, we are creative and let your text sound good.

What it comes down to is cultural sensitivity and the attention to detail. The importance of a good translation is most obvious when things go wrong. Here are two famous examples:


Seduce or abuse?

A champagne cellar wanted to attract with "the extraordinary seducer." In English, however, the gentlemen became an "abusive user". Not only critical in terms of alcohol consumption.


Do nothing

In 2009, HSBC bank had to launch a $10 million rebranding campaign to repair the damage of a serious – and hilarious – translation error. The problem was a very simple mistake: The tagline was supposed to be "Assume Nothing" – which did not work out in translation. The call to action became, in a number of countries, "Do Nothing", which is definitely not the message the bank wanted to be sending out to ist consumers.



Terminolgy and Editing

We revise your content, check terminology, and create glossaries, including style editing.

International Marketing (30 years' Project Work in International Business)

Communication skills, language corporate training, and transcreation as well as courses on the following topics: Which Target Group? What do I need to take into account when using slogans internationally? How will my campaign be a success?



Foreign Language Lessons (Service in Spain)


Executive German Courses: What makes Germans think? How do I give a perfect presentation? How do I argue in negotiations?


General German Courses: Individual Courses for beginners to advanced learners, and conversation classes, working with modern teaching methodologies and flexible schedules


Business English Courses / Conversation Courses: Business English with focus on negotiations, HR and legal

All courses are available online.